Starting up ACNL after approximately 6 months.

Send me your FCs and let’s all catch up on what I missed. I’ll be playing after I get home from work. (about 2 hours from now)

For anyone still here following this dead ACNL blog…..

This was actually a really fun blog to run tbh….

How has everyone been?

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Since I recently acquired all 10 dream villagers for Wnderlnd I thought it’d be cool to gijinka them to get back into drawing mode//

here’s diana and beau for now

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commissions for viridity!

Snow in ACNL

Any mayors watch Teen Wolf?



Coz seriously, I need to freak out with someone

I do! Omg Stiles! That was crazy!

RIGHT?!?!?!!? I was literally screaming at my TV during that last scene. Awesome to see Stiles playing such a major role now. About time too

Any mayors watch Teen Wolf?

Coz seriously, I need to freak out with someone


one of my ancl characters from my town noodle, fox. he wears the baseball outfit 

500 posts!

Great, my 500th post was about Pitbull….

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Anonymous asked:
I saw your answer to an ask about what music listen to, and WOW you listen to a whole range of music! I dig that. Is there any music you DON'T listen to?

anything with Pitbull